colour show:

Honestly, the reason behind word “colour” in my blog title is simply because I liked it. It still holds the same meaning, it is just the British variant of our word “color”. But that word, color, has so many meanings. Have you ever looked it up? If not you should: color . I guess the title might be connected to my appreciation of sunsets and sunrises..but make of it what you will.


Finishing up college and looking forward to the unknown that will come with being in the real world. I am an adventurer.. who cannot sit still for very long.


running, cooking, baking, reading, eating, being outside, photography, being creative, thrift stores,  working with kids, looking for four leaf clovers, Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee, fresh vegetables, fruit (APPLES), the Avett brothers, Farmers Markets, live music, dancing, violin, Fall leaves, the south, Earl Grey Tea, green tea, chai tea, chamomile tea, other food blogs, sunsets/sunrises, etc.


or… wannabe foodie haha. Aspiring chef and lover of fresh fruits and vegetables. Basically I am the goofball who reads cookbooks in her spare time and would rather read food blogs than watch t.v. I grew up in a home where food was the center of most of our lives. My interest in cooking began in 4th grade. I had a “create your own recipe” project for 4H (yes, yes I know). My mom let me make a mess every day for an entire week. I mean there was flour on everything, the floor was sticky, egg shells in the sink, and dirty dishes everywhere. You know what? Mom did not say a word, she let me make a mess and learn what to do and what not to do. That is always how she has been, and I appreciate that so much. But since then, I love being in the kitchen & trying new recipes.


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